Mobile Butchers Shop

Buckbury Butchers are a traditional family butchers selling quality and homemade products to local people from our old fashioned mobile shop. We specialise in making our own homemade sausages, the best seller being our own THEOCSBURY SAUSAGE made from the finest cuts of pork and our very own secret ingredient. We also make all our own Homemade Pies, Faggots and Scotch Eggs.




Buckbury Butchers has been making deliveries to our customers for many years. Delivering to the more remote areas of Gloucestershire, bringing fresh food and vast choice to people who perhaps do not have the time or the mobility to get into the shops or enjoy the one to one service and quality that we can provide

The Mobile Shop stocks quality meat which can be cut to your requirements and also an extensive range of products which includes:

         • Homemade Sausages & Burgers
         • Homemade Ham & Scotch Eggs
         • Homemade Faggots
         • Fruit and Vegetables
         • Delicatessen, Bread
         • Sauces & Preserves



We would be delighted if you would support this mobile butchers service, and we would be happy to call on you as little or often as you require. If you would like a visit please call 01684 830 120 or 07815 081 513.

Listen out for our distinctive air horn when we arrive and pop on board to choose your shopping directly from the counter.

It's easy to shop with us...

1. Phone, email or text if you would like us to call with name, address and contact details.
2. If you are going out don't worry... leave us a note and a cool box somewhere descreet and this will keep your order fresh until you return.
3. How do I pay?...we can set you up an account and bill monthly or you can send a cheque or pay by BACS

EASY AS 1,2,3


 Click here to email an order to the Mobile Shop